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Middle School Conference

High School Conference

Knowledge & Skills Based Training

Global Classrooms International Model United Nations is a program that consists in providing knowledge and skills based training for students in the following areas: Conflict resolution skills including the art of coalition building, communications, negotiations, open debate and resolution writing as well as simulation exercises; Diplomatic skills with extensive knowledge about UN procedures and rules of diplomatic and protocol representation; and, Knowledge in country demographics economics , and politics.

Aim of the Program

The ultimate aim of the program is to make middle school and high school students coming from different capitals of the world acknowledge each other’s differences, increase their emotional intelligence , think methodically and objectively about UN problems, accept diversity, and gain communications, negotiations and leadership skills as well as cognition about the global challenges facing the United Nations.

Student Ambassadors

Middle School and High School students act as ambassadors for different countries and tackle the problems of sustainable development, global challenges , menacing epidemics, world poverty, the spread of weapons of mass destruction, and environmental and ecological threats. The power of argument will prevail over the argument of power and the culture of democracy will unleash the creative energies of the students and will triumph over the traditional teaching methods.